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ISR And The App – A Letter To Parents

Dear Parents

ISR, International Schools Radio on FM 105.4

The App!

With reference to our earlier letter introducing you to ISR, Internationals Schools Radio, we would like to draw your attention to the App that can now be downloaded from your usual app provider.

The App will offer you immediate access to the Radio Station, Podcasts, Requests, Important Notifications, Coupon Offers and much more. The majority of the content on the app has and will be generated by the talented and creative Pupils, Staff and Parents within our College community.

The unique podcasts are giving our students a voice and platform to discuss a whole range of topics such as politics, environment issues, social media, essentially anything they wish to cover. These podcasts via the App can be enjoyed by anyone worldwide at any time!

Our aim is to communicate not only all the exciting achievements at XIC but also CRUCIAL INFORMATION regarding the College which needs to reach the school population effectively and as quickly as possible. It has come to our attention that 90% of App notifications are read within 3 minutes, making this one of the most effective tools of communication in the modern world.

We are proud at XIC to be at the very forefront of embracing modern technology to improve all aspects of the College.

Young people have a loud voice and have many interesting observations to share, we are a listening College and want to both celebrate and share their views.

Exciting times!

When you have downloaded the App be sure to visit the Coupon Area and take advantage of the various offers that will become available.

Here’s to interesting listening! Our children are so special, and this is a wonderful opportunity for them to learn, empower their creative abilities and gain valuable experience in the world of media.

With very best wishes,

Yours sincerely

Richard Wijeratne